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Apology to Kpro / FOIA

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  • Apology to Kpro / FOIA

    This has been bothering me for a while and I thought I'd just publicly throw this out there.

    The other day a thread was started about whether Kpro's revealing the FOIA of Forrest's FBI raid was crossing the line in the chase. I reacted pretty strongly and in so doing called Kpro a chase hacker. It seemed to me that finding out who the 200ft person was and accessing the FOIA was going to undermine the efforts of a lot of people that have put in huge amounts of time in the chase. I think that is still a valid point that needs to be considered, however, there are different ways of looking at this.

    One is that Kpro is searching for hot topics that will drive her video show without consideration for the chase. In essence, hacking the chase.

    The other is that Kpro has been talking with Forrest, considering his comments and requests and figured if he brought it up (FOIA) it's doable. If it's available to anyone then why not order it and share it with the community rather than letting people bury the critical/explosive information.

    There obviously was more things going on behind the scenes than what I knew about. Being a discussion facilitator is a bit like being a referee. In doing so, one needs to be fairly transparent if one wishes to avoid being accused of special secrets. I think Cynthia does a pretty good job of being transparent. Something she does simply to maintain her close friendship with Forrest.

    Kpro is doing a good job. I'm assuming she does it simply because she likes to. It's not a something I'd want to do. Yet here I am using and enjoying her forum.

    And just in case anyone thinks I'm saying this because of some special friendship... as of yet I have not met anyone connected with the chase.

    So, yeah. Thank you Kpro.

    "Don't breathe under the water"

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    Thanks for this, but no apology needed,you kept it chase related and I knew it would upset many. I am glad you enjoy the forum.

    I have recently heard another searcher has it already, but keeping to themselves, I hope when and if I ever get it, it will be more fair for everyone to have that information. This new information that someone already has it shows that I errored again, it must not have anything in it except some good discussion.

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      Let's use logic.

      If the chest was part of the FOIA, it has been documented. Period!

      Someone said that the release of the FOIA (publicly) could deter a potential finder/seller from taking action. Logic says this a false statement, because if the chest is already part of the FOIA, the FBI or BLM already has the information, obviously! The release of the FOIA will only help a potential finder in making a decision. If someone wants to argue, fine.

      I'll have my lawyer answer.