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  • Contest?

    I want to do a new contest, make the ideas funny and fun. The last coin went for over $500 bucks on ebay (not sure of the exact amount but sure someone will correct me on exact details (((roll eyes))). I will put it out as the prize, a coin. Come on! Make it fun. Recent people on the blogs have changed the game this year and make the negative, let’s make it fun again.
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    Anagrams seem popular. The pitch: Write a coded message using anagrams. Send the correct message to the judges. Points awarded for creativity and difficulty to solve.
    “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”


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      wut do you have in mind k
      ...along the ledges worn by patient feet...


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        If it was closer to Halloween, or just because, we could do our best Forrest and/or Peggy Fenn look-a-like costume contest. With prizes for most accurate, most humorous, most inaccurate, etc.
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          1 minute video of ourselves? Throughout the years it was nice to connect a personality with a avatar. I met a lot of good searchers like Mindy, James, MDavis, Stephanie and NTMI.
          Move learned people are different than they appear to be online.
          I was there at Hard Rock Casino in Tampa when Mindy did a ice bucket challenge in the parking garage.
          MDavis, NTMI, Steph and other searchers in Clearwater, FL slamming some drinks.
          For instance Kpro, as she came into light on YouTube puts a different perspective than just a screen name
          Mike on Cowlazars was to me for years was MDC777.
          I remember when Nora Kelly was a women, only veterans will understand lol


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            themed costume contest for our pets

            "It's only the ready availability of modern veterinary medicine that has permitted some conditions…to become widespread."

            thanks vets
            ...along the ledges worn by patient feet...


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              Yes, we've all said our pieces, time to move on!

              Contest? How about the best (or funniest) 1800s "mountain man" / "mountain woman" outfit? Photo submissions, of course...
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