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  • Is This Crossing a Line?

    kpro announced on the vlog tonight that she's been working for some time now to use the FOIA for getting a copy of the pictures taken of the treasure chest in the vault when the FBI raided Forrest's home.

    While there are no rules in this treasure hunt, she's made it very clear recently that there are Lines that Shouldn't be crossed (with the harassing email recently sent to her).

    So, how do you feel about her doing this? Do you see this as morally OK or is it crossing a moral line?
    Yes, I think it's OK, I'd do the same thing and support her in doing it
    No, I think it's Not OK, I don't think it's right nor respectful to Forrest
    Undecided or do not care either way

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    I don’t see what new information regarding the tc or the chase could be discovered from that. We know what the thing looks like. We know its dimensions and its weight. We (mostly) know the contents.
    I doubt he has a map with an X on it hanging in the vault visible in the background of some invasive picture.
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      They are all looking for an easier way, Forrest said there are no shortcuts!


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        That's assuming there isn't anything in the FBI pictures that will give vital information to the chase.

        But what if there is something. What if someone has been working for years to figure out the poem and suddenly within a week everyone knows some critical piece of information.

        Originally, people read the books. Studied the poem. Conducted BOTG. Went back to the drawing board. That's the Spirit of the chase.

        Now suddenly we have people talking incessantly about the chase and claiming, "no rules" all the while trying to work some hack instead of a BOTG.

        What is the purpose of hacking the poem?

        If there are no rules then by all means, work out some deal with a hacker to gain access to Forrest's computer.

        I'm not sure I'd want to be the one that ruins the chase.
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          say you do find a legend how do you get there wut does the earth actually feel like there wut are you looking for an indicator of some kind if you are so far behind im only a quarter sorry

          Mr. Fenn,

          Over the past half-decade, your challenge for any cavalier spirit to find a valuable treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains sparked a veritable gold rush of knowledge. Searchers endlessly immerse themselves in study of topics previously unknown to them hoping to gain an advantage in their quest. I would even go so far as to speculate that some have done more research in relation to the chest than some doctoral students do in completing a thesis.

          To be sure, there is value in wisdom. That value is then increased when wisdom is shared with others. Which is why I was hoping you might be willing to share a thought or two about something you’ve learned from searchers over the past five years. Whether related to geography, geology, history or even human nature, I’d love to hear if there’s been anything offered up by a searcher, or searchers, that enlightened you in some way.

          Hope all is well! ~ S&H

          Thanks for the question S&H.

          I learn something every day from those who are in the treasure hunt.

          What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem. Without it all the searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation. Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue. f
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            get a clue get a chance
            coldline crossing
            reminds me if ascertain lily on a bell

            the chase has never been so on
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              FOIA requests get denied frequently. I can't imagine they'd share photos of someone's personal assets.


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                On her video, Kristie says that she launched her FOIA request a year ago, but that Forrest only found out recently. Forrest clearly was not consulted in advance. Moreover, Kristie alluded to an appeal process - does this mean that Forrest is appealing against the request?

                As to whether the information is useful... this is irrelevant. The FOIA request may be legal, but it is was done without consideration for Forrest. Unless he comes out and gives his blessing, I hope that the request is rejected, or better yet, withdrawn.

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                  kpro obviously knows things we dont and thats one of the booku'z of bits that make it all the more worthwhile going my own way alone in here in there in everywhere no love lost we are talking a trove worth upside of $9zerøez$
                  ...along the ledges worn by patient feet...


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                    ...along the ledges worn by patient feet...


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                      I'd love to know what's in the treasure chest same as anyone.

                      However, as I said in the chat last night, Forrest Fenn did not have a choice when the FBI raided his home. He did not consent to the process. Just because the material does exist, doesn't mean that the general public has a right to it. The Freedom of Information Act was created because there is a public interest in keeping authorities in check. It's not for voyeurism, or a treasure hunt.

                      That was a man's personal property when they photographed it.

                      These are not our photos.

                      I truly hope they deny the request.
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                        Why all the drama?... Is this your marketing scheme? It doesn't work for me! You are destroying your investment and for what end? More than 75% agree!

                        I have started to delete my posts!
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                          Well, that does it for me with this forum. Good luck everyone.


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                            I like this Poll, it raises the larger question: Does KPRO's actions represent what "we" want?

                            Repeatedly she says she is doing "this" or "that" for the Chase community. Who anointed or appointed her as our/my representative?

                            It's all fine and good if you want to run a web blog, a you-tube channel and sell a bunch of stuff. But please do not justify all your actions by saying you are doing it for me or for a group of persons who had no say in the first place.

                            Personally, I do not approve of some of her actions which are labeled "for the community" and I think she is wrong in self justifying them as such.

                            PS: If you want to know what is in the Chest, earn it the way it was intended to be discovered. IMO
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                              I should add, when giving my view on whether an FOIA request is appropriate, I don't feel as if anyone should be burned at the stake over it. Likely Forrest Fenn could give a crap less, it's not going to help anyone find it, it doesn't provide any more information than the early arrangement photo does, and it really is fair game.

                              The problem is that it's a misuse of the FOIA itself, which isn't trivial. That's what makes it inappropriate, and that doesn't have anything to do with a treasure hunt. I hope they deny it because of that.
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