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    Originally posted by WarriorManRB View Post

    He has already hinted to someone. Who did he wish good luck to this summer on the MW question? It had to have been the person who solved the poem. Imo
    Agreed again.


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      Anyone claiming to be the lead searcher, would immediately be asked to provide proof of this assertion, which they would be insane to provide, given that they are so close to the holy grail. So I could claim to be the lead searcher, but I prefer not to substantiate that claim at this time.
      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
      --Arthur Schopenhauer--


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        Originally posted by SimonSays
        Funny that you mention this story while referring to a lead searcher, because this story alludes to a dark horse.
        If a person will Think, they can find the chest.
        But the secret is to think, and analyze … they can find the chest. ff


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          Originally posted by FennMaster

          I don't believe your claim.
          Good I like being a dark horse

          Originally posted by FennMaster
          You can also mix and match a crispy chicken sandwich or a spciy crispy chicken sandwich for the same price; it's a pretty good deal.
          I usually only eat fast food when I'm botg.
          All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
          --Arthur Schopenhauer--


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            Originally posted by FennMaster

            So you think he's hinting at the person that's close in the MW posting. Who do you believe he's hinting at or what part of the message do you think is a hint at the close searcher?

            How do you say there's a hint at who the close searcher is and then say he won't tell you if you're right?
            He won't privately or publicly or tell you. But I do see him saying good luck to somebody in that response. Who knows who it was meant for. Someone had to have emailed him something.


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              Then it's just a matter of proof. I will admit, I like that a little.
              Questing song: Iron Maiden's "Quest for Fire"


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                Originally posted by FennMaster

                He said in the response he won't say good luck to stage 4 liver cancer guy.

                Do you think you're the searcher that's close?
                I'm pretty sure you do since you claim explaining your solve would prove a searcher has been closer than 200' and revealing your solve would have a good chance of ending the chase. Only a good chance?
                I'm extremely happy with my solve. I haven't done once bit of research all year, just a couple of BOTG. He said he won't say good luck to them, but those words were still written by him. That's how I see it. You never know what people have said in emails.


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                  Some people believe it's not good luck, to say good luck. If possible don't leave much up to luck and more to tact and planning... create your own luck.
                  I believe Forrest would let you know if your on the right track, by public messages to be fair. With cleverly hidden messages that are relevant to the area they are in, and relevant to details about yourself you have shared with him. He might even wear a hat that he said he never would. Just a hunch...
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                    If ya ain't found the rainbow you ain't even in the running


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                      Originally posted by ROLL TIDE View Post
                      Wow. Makes it sound so unexpected. Are you alluding to a thought that the 'lead' is some one that no one would have expected? Some one off the grid? The one most unlikely to succeed?

                      The thread seems to toss a bunch of buck butt, donkey butt, or buffalo butt. Interesting though. Hopefully, FF's indigestion settled down.


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                        Seems 'everyone' knows what Forrest would say and what he would not say and have all the know-how about why Forrest would say this or that. What if y'all are wrong? Somehow 2016 sure brings to mind some 'sayings' in words that would probably contradict the thread -- imagine referring to Forrest's actual words rather than to all this junk food floating around.

                        When BOTG many remember to be prepared with many things -- some even feel the need to be a packing -- many tend to neglect the post-hiking need for salt. Food with some salt is necessary if one sweats a lot particularly out hiking or hunting and a little salt can prevent a severe headache. Since I don't salt food I am accustomed to eating without salt, I like some crackers or crisps. It is my excuse to 'be bad' and chow on those crisps!

                        What if two things could be true: 1. ff is not saying and 2. the 'lead' is not saying = you have only your delusions.

                        The 'lead' as a dark horse - hmmm sounds fitting if the chest is . . . a dark horse as well. I imagine the saying, It takes one to know one, makes more sense than trying to claim to know what ff would say or not say. lol

                        This comment is just for fun - and thought provoking only -- of course, you could ask the dark horse anytime. Perhaps she would like a taste of those 2 for 6 deals. lol


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                          It’s AMAZING that I count at least four people in this thread alone that have, at one point or another, claimed to be “the one.”

                          IF Forrest is writing these public comments to a single person, do you think he had any idea that those comments would have the effect of a nuclear bomb rather than a well placed arrow?

                          I mean, how the heck can so many people have the perfect solve, AND also believe these comments are secretly speaking only to them? I know, I know. Confirmation bias. But come on, people.

                          whats worse: I couldn’t imagine sitting on the correct solve (I’m not) and seeing everyone else just like me thinking the same thing. It might just put someone off from wrapping this thing up.


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                            Originally posted by FennMaster

                            You can also mix and match a crispy chicken sandwich or a spciy crispy chicken sandwich for the same price; it's a pretty good deal.
                            I thought one of the cheap burgers was the Rodeo burger. Sounds like the dollar menu. More like fake beads for real property lol

                            Is the dollar menu all you can afford or do you think a person would consider that menu the best of the best? Interesting. Then again, I just look at the stocks this year and it seems everyone is . . . a struggling . . . looking at the menu -- the dollar menu that is . . . perhaps a good deal for 2 . . .

                            Two Whoppers . . . or . . . did you know that fast food in other countries have local menus? KFC offered chicken but with tons of rice and curry rice. But in the Rockies, I guess it is burgers and chicken with useless bread.

                            I need a closer look at the menu . . . ya gotta better picture so I can see the uniqueness between those crispy nuggets on their buns? They are unique and I will know.

                            To all of those who speak so much about wanting proof of how close, it is perhaps encoded in this comment post - proof of closer than 500', 200', 12' . . .


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                              Shhhhhh! Everything is a dark horse -- that's what makes things fun -- the best ending to a simple yet complex puzzle. Sounds like my life -- nothing but horse s..... lol nothing but horse sense. I love horses. Some of them are rather 'spirited'! But they all 'got my number'! I'm just too soft or gentle; when they breathe in, I gotta learn to pull tight so I don't fall off before the day gets going.

                              I think the key should be the word, 'unique'. A unique poem, a unique adventure, a unique writer, a unique hunter, a unique chest. Unique is my new word for the day. Make it unique!
                              There's a surprise inside - is it unique? lol Cracker Jax . . . but one time they put in something unique because it was real.

                              I think one never knows what they got until the chase is over and they see it for themselves.


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                                Originally posted by ScaredyCat
                                A song dedicated to "you" Lead Searchers.....
                                lol that's a good one. But caution. There's a lot of gossip of searchers . . . well . . . full of fluff and puff and it's fake . . . it's like OCD if I say three wonderful things, if I attend certain workshops, etc. I'll be in the running or first in line.

                                I would think that the Man is no Fool. I doubt highly that He wants to be worshiped. OUAW tells me so.

                                The best respect is that which is not only earned but understood and comes after much time and consideration and well . . . disagreement that reinforced correct understanding and that understanding led to a unique love -- unique in that it is real and honest, it struggles and celebrates, it is still there after the party, and can be counted on to remain eternally. One does not find such love in a few words in print news or tossed upon media frenzy suck ups. I think the 'Notebook' gave a good example that some relationships have unique struggles, but in the end nothing could separate the love of two.

                                Unique love is only found in the eyes to the soul and resides in the heart. It is not quick and easy. When someone issues anger on occasion, I know he cares about me (the reverse is true in love) and that I have the option to seek better understanding -- well a relationship is two or more to seek better understanding and come to resolution(s). Knowing me, I could understand 'the indigestion'. I am relentless and a strain to anyone for I am no push-over and believe I should have the same respect. Quote from Fracture: If you haven't loved, you haven't lived a life at all. (don't have the exact words). This love depends on the aspirations of the two people involved.

                                For Christians, 1 Corinthians 13 KJV might be a refresher.

                                What will be interesting is the public production (don't know what to call it) at the end. Is it of mutual respect?

                                One must be truly honest with oneself and then work with effort to understand another and develop that unique love. Could that be the 'hold up' to the chase. . .