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Imagine You Find A Note In The Chest Offering Cash To Leave It, WWYD?

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    IMO figuring out what Forrest would want is more difficult than figuring out his poem. I understand that he likes the artifacts and box and stuff; but they are of little interest to me. I'm just not into it and would just put the arrowhead he gave me into the chest with the rest of the stuff. Sure, I would like to open the lid and look inside and touch the gold. But I would not know what to do with any of it unless there is a bit of money - cold cash - to use for a visa lol So, what would Forrest want . . . a question that needs an answer eventually.


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      Originally posted by Rose Livingstone
      ps btw: congrats- yours is the 1st post I wish I could downvote.

      I'll add that to my record just as soon as I find a new sheet of paper. My rap sheet is already full.