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    Originally posted by nmcc View Post

    Why are you continuing to search if you believe it's already been found? Unless you also believe the finder found it, but didn't bother to retrieve? The latter doesn't compute.
    I feel I have a solid solution so I’m no longer searching for a site. If the weather permitted, I might pursue a recon. It’s just that during my research, I happened to notice some strange activities. All I can say is that the wolf has found its prey and has feasted. He is no longer hungry.
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      I may take a crack at retrieving in a few days-weeks.Forrest told people when they retrieve it to wait 30 days I'm assuming that means to wait to announce it yourself but make sure you announce it to Forest right away so he can tell people not to go out. Am I understanding that correctly. I don't need to be told to be careful I'm a big boy. I will do my research I will look at live weather cam. If it looks deep not going to go, If I see little snow hello retirement.


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        So much so much about the end . . . all said about the finder . . . it's about Fenn . . . perhaps that's where it's a wander . . . Once the practice proves good . . . the find is understood . . . the retrieval needs to be accomplished . . . but only pleasing to Forrest . . . so the focus is on what and how and all that Forrest would like. Time to stop focusing on the greed of me maybe and focusing on how it is meant to be . . . wishing for a clue on how the end needs to . . . just don't know . . . We dream about what we would do with the treasure but it is not that at all - it is what would Forrest like us to do. Perhaps we should ask Forrest, 'Dear Sir, what would you like?' But he would probably want us to figure it out . . . Now, talk about slow moving to figure that out . . . Better to wait than to make a mistake.