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  • Alone or not alone

    Every word means something or something like than, but there are only nine clues. Gone alone. As he has gone alone in there. Only alone? Never with others? Once alone then with loved ones? Then with others? I am beginning to think that it is a place that he once spent with a special person but now they can’t go there either because they are no longer on earth or because of the current situation. Of course, Sloane, Skippy, and others comes to mind for those no longer with us. Anyone now, since Fenn is no longer as agile as he once was comes to mind. Who is this about? I think Fenn is selfless and this is about something he is passionate about. Something he is about to take his life and make it about someone else. The legacy portion. Is that the first clue. Understanding what drove him?

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    Both, that is all I can say. You got it going on darling, right on with this thought process.


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      Hi Parkfamily, One way that I've taken it is that it could mean unaccompanied. It doesn't have to mean that there wasn't another person or that there weren't other people there or that other people weren't going in at the same time he was. He just went alone. We go plenty of places alone that are full of people when we get there. Not saying that there were other people but it's a possibility.