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  • 1Trailblazer Your writing style has changed, my friend! I like it more.


    • Adventurous men that left for the wood
      leaving society’s confusion if you could

      adventure alone looking into a blaze
      of sunshine rays through a misty haze

      these men alone in nature’s realm
      like Capt Kidd at sea at the helm

      searching for something, trapping for wealth
      usually the hard life just took their health

      they settled for peace in places like Santa Fe
      giving up there search to wait in lay.

      Mery Christmas Forrest Fenn


      • Texan redneck story

        I cut like a knife
        through hints and clues
        I'm bringing my wife
        she is my muse

        with my 12 kids
        all kidding aside
        the wagon creans
        and skids to the side

        switchbacks and turns
        its pedal to the metal
        the rubber burns
        we proved our mettle

        like a wind's gust
        we came from behind
        y'all eat my dust
        treasure chest will be mine.


        • Ghost in a shell

          She felt like a ghost in a broken shell
          Lost on her way to the paradise
          She had to use the sense of smell
          To follow the scent of her sacrifice

          Was it an odor of an unborn child?
          What says things smell a certain way?
          Ghosts have memories running wild
          Like hungry piranhias sniffing out the pray

          In the aquarium of her memory
          There is a measure of everything
          Multidimensional penitentiary
          The exit marked by Ariadne's string

          She was a mother who lost her child
          And now she's caught in a space-time warp
          Maybe I felt her inside my mind?
          To me she looked like a shining orb


          • I'll be damned.

            I know I'll be damned
            for saying in jest
            here is the Hunter
            and there's the rest

            hooray and hoo ha
            believe it or not
            the goofball has chances
            to hit the pay dirt

            with a grab bag of hints
            and a motley of clues
            he got close enough
            to be in the news

            that gutsy fruitcake
            left us on the ropes
            he crushed our dreams
            and falsed our hopes

            he had us bamboozled
            he has all the cards
            alone he went
            the whole nine yards

            I would have nailed
            his balls to the wall
            to make the next season
            a free-for-all

            damned if I say it
            and damned if I don't
            but he was not searching
            in the Yellowstone...


            • Nice try, professor
              Rose Livingstone
              I'll be first in line
              To cast my stone

              I agree, this winter
              Will be quiet and lull
              Until you release
              Your own seagull

              Let twenty nineteen
              Be your new beginning
              Loosing, in a curious way,
              Is winning!


              • Hunter's story

                I started that game
                on a truth or dare
                I was not prepared
                for such a mad affair

                The baited hook
                was left in the open
                The clues to the treasure
                in the poem unspoken

                In the distance I heard
                the sabers rattle
                The searchers in thousands
                went into battle

                I felt wimpish,
                my solves were lame
                Over hints I was quibbling
                when I took my aim

                I walked among giants
                I ran with the bulls
                My guesses discounted,
                I was thrown to the wolves

                The tensions mounted,
                the passions flared!
                The gloves came off,
                the teeth bared...

                Did I get the indulgence?
                Did I reel in the catch?
                Just read my lips:
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                • With games afoot I’ve fallen down, put underground below homes into soot.
                  muck mired Luck fired, spaced days synapses laze Hope’s in a haze.
                  addiction abated, Forlorn is elated, and Misery nips at my quick.
                  ...their glees incessantly snorting with smirkles...
                  I may be violently angry if I wasn’t so sad, so, without erasure I’ll embrace them toward mad-ness
                  If the first half of hell is Despair, and the second half leads to Insanity-
                  *Well*, there’s only one way out that lives from me. Best keep walking.
                  My fortress is transparency > the best place to hide
                  In here to wait till Chaos subsides.
                  Thank noodles for air-gapped partitions.
                  (and well lit primary path pattern- how did you know my heart?)
                  Questing (?) song:


                  • Sons of bitches.

                    I know not
                    of anyone bolder,
                    than a misguided
                    On forums you've often
                    seen that gadfly,
                    better termed
                    as reply guy.
                    It's not that a fraud
                    comes across uninstructed,
                    he watched all vlogs
                    and became adstructed.
                    Pranksters come across
                    whistling Dixie,
                    but, in fact,
                    they are just as tricksy.
                    Betrayers will nod
                    and support your bids,
                    when all the while
                    been greasing your skids.
                    Deceivers are
                    in the class of their own,
                    they want to reap
                    the seeds you have sown.
                    There are three levels
                    to a practical joker,
                    some good, some bad,
                    some mediocre.
                    Imposters are really
                    not that bad,
                    provided you stay
                    away from comrades.
                    Beware of someone
                    who will have you sonned,
                    the sign of a flamboyant
                    If I frazzled someone
                    with this poem-kitsch,
                    You can justly call me -
                    a son of a bitch.


                    • Dreadful January

                      I'm going nuts, its plain to see
                      You have taken fun away from me
                      made boredom my reality
                      from you I'd really love to flee


                      • Originally posted by RoKi View Post
                        Dreadful January

                        I'm going nuts, its plain to see
                        You have taken fun away from me
                        made boredom my reality
                        from you I'd really love to flee
                        Agree. So release you see
                        the trap and set me free
                        boredom beats
                        disrespectful treats.

                        Come February, March . . .


                        • "Spring Song" (Chippewa):

                          As my eyes search the prairie
                          I feel the summer in the spring.
                          "Everything Louder Than Everything Else"


                          • Sometimes I go pitying myself while I am carried by the wind across the sky.
                            "Everything Louder Than Everything Else"


                            • Winter activities are great, unless its colder than -8.
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                              • Mmm fruitcake

                                Glimpse a fond treat, glimpse a fine bake;
                                Add more wheat, add fruits to stake;
                                Fruitcake “appeals”. A Hunter reveals.
                                But what does Forrest feel?
                                Eat fruitcake.
                                It’s great.
                                (And if you think fruitcake is a flop,
                                Just use it as a doorstop.)

                                the end.

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