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    Nothing better then some words of wisdom through the words of poetry. It’s like watching really good salsa dancers. Like the flickering dancing light of a candle.


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      warm waters halt and tumble to the ground,
      there is no noise and nary a sole to be found.
      i listen closely for the hint of a sound,
      but this time of year there's no botg.

      the sun peeks through and the flakes disperse,
      it makes me think of a rhyme for a verse.
      sometimes i think this poems a curse,
      as i think and imagine with eyes on the purse.

      though shadows were cast i, knew they'd soon pass,
      the snow covers everything, even the grass,
      but spring will soon come and the ground will dry fast,
      bear spray in their hands the herd will return en mass.

      the view from up top is huge and vast,
      locked away in my mind forever it shall last,
      rocks and rivers and flowers i've passed,
      but for the deer and moose and grizzlys i gasp.


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        My turn to correct
        Did you mean soul instead of sole?


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          Nice words, he maybe meant sole.... there being talk about BOTG. I remember that somebody found a sole of a boot. The Shinto believed the trees had a soul years after being cut down.

          Can a sole have soul. Ponder that.... lol

          I’m really not loopy, just think outside the mainstream box.


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            Originally posted by sadcom View Post
            My turn to correct
            Did you mean soul instead of sole?
            you can read it any way you like.


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              i was going to write ssooulle. lol


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                I wrote the following poem back in early July. I was preparing to climb on the National memorial in order to reach an opening high above the ground. There was a nest perched on the edge and it resembled (in my mind) a picture of a feller from TOTC book where the man is looking up at the moon with a nest perched on its side... I had to construct a portable steel ladder that fits into my suitcase. Then, I carried it for a couple miles down the canyon and over the ridge. The weight of it almost killed me. The ladder was not that sturdy and it was wobbling while I climbed atop. I miscalculated - from the top of 12' ladder, there were still 10' to reach to that cave. But, these were 10' of smooth rock surface and I didn't dare to cross it, since there was nothing to grab onto. I realized that Fenn was never there...


                Merlin cried
                In a dark of a tomb
                No, it was Forrest's
                Withdrawing room

                A small and dark
                Like a cave it smelled
                But merlin persisted
                He almost yelled

                T'was a hard choice
                For an old wizard
                Who sneaked in the cave
                Like Texas horned lizard

                Don't know what happened
                Between the two
                But Forrest is wise
                He decides to withdrew

                He knew if he wins
                That argument
                This place will be known
                As his monument


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                  "THE SUNSHINE OF THINE EYES"

                  GEORGE PARSONS LATHROP

                  The sunshine of thine eyes,
                  (O still, celestial beam!)
                  Whatever it touches it fills
                  With the life of its lambent gleam.

                  The sunshine of thine eyes,
                  O let it fall on me!
                  Though I be but a mote of the air,
                  I could turn to gold for thee!


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                    Fiends get what fiends want.
                    Friends get what friends are.


                    • Originally posted by garnets View Post
                      Fiends get what fiends want.
                      Friends get what friends are.
                      You sound like a 'wise' guy - I guess I'm not a friend where it counts since I seem not to get much of anything these days. Can't even get a 'temporary' or 'permanent' idea.


                      • out in nature is where i like to be,
                        no suit and tie or desk for me,
                        prairies and skies as far as can see,
                        or alone in the woods sitting under a tree.

                        hearing the sights and smelling the sound,
                        tasting the air and touching the ground,
                        feeling the warmth of the sun all round,
                        makes my heart beat with a thump and a pound.

                        the colors of fall are like a building ablaze,
                        with multiple colors and hues that amaze,
                        the animals prepare all eager to graze,
                        getting fat for the winter and cold bitter days.

                        spring is the time that i like best,
                        i load up the gear and look for my vest,
                        down to the river where my spot is the best,
                        i do my own thing away from the rest.

                        so as i sit here and swat at a bee,
                        i'll let you in on a secret to see,
                        it's absolute and with certainty,
                        a boss or ceo i'll never want to be.